Craftily brand your beer.

Now, more than ever, the label on the outside of your craft beer has almost as much impact as what's inside. Shrink sleeves are an efficient, economical way to customize your canned brews, while pressure-sensitive labels can give your beer bottles a unique, eye-catching look. Century Label uses customer-provided designs to produce rich colors and quality graphics that will stand out on a crowded shelf. To maximize the shape, shine and shelf appeal of your craft beer, contact us today.   


Shape. Shine. Shelf Appeal.

  • Digital Quality Print Resolution
  • Capable of Pressure-Sensitive Labels & Shrink Sleeves
  • Prints with almost 1-to-1 Registration
  • Operating speeds up to 750 Feet/Minute
  • Wide Format 17" Web
  • 8-Color Press
  • 175 Line Screen
  • Shrink Sleeve Layflat Sizes from 30mm to 185mm

We’re able to work with Century Label to utilize this new printing process which was exciting for the Indiana Pacers and exciting for us to say we’ve got this whole new printing process that will have a standard element to the can, but the background of each and every can is going to be different. This is going to be a new product and it’s going to be completely unique.
— Clay Robinson (Sun King Brewery)
Dave Colt and Clay Robinson, owners of Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis, Indiana discuss how Shrink Sleeves from Century Label have benefited their regional craft brewing business. Shrink Sleeves are ideal for new product launches and seasonal brews where smaller runs and innovative labeling are critical to success.

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