Dissolves in 30 seconds or less.

SmartSolve custom printed labels will truly make your product stand apart from the crowd. A fully dissolving label stock paired with a fully dissolving adhesive makes your SmartSolve label a perfect addition to your eco-friendly product. Removed by simply washing away in water, this label allows your customer to up-cycle your product container. Available in both flexographic and full 6-color digital print styles, the limits of SmartSolve are limited only by your imagination.

SmartSolve Features & Benefits

  • Dissolves easily and completely in any water temperature
  • Leaves no adhesive residue and dissolves in 30 seconds
  • Perfect for reusable containers
  • Certified “Green”: TPCH and CPSIA 2008, OSHA, NIOSH, EU Reach, California Prop 65, IARC, and NTP.
  • Material has an expected shelf life of 12 months
  • Works in environments from -40° to 176°F

SmartSolve Water Soluble Labels