Creative labels. Original tastes.


Gourmet food products feature a unique taste that sets them apart from common mass-produced foods. Despite the originality of their tastes, however, gourmet food products may fail to be noticed because they lack a creative and informative label design. Pictured below are a number of solutions for creating a gourmet food label that carries all of the necessary information and also draws the attention of customers with vibrant graphics and innovative design.


Specialty food labels

At Century Label, we appreciate the value of aesthetic appeal in marketing specialty food products. Before customers are able to buy your products, they have to find them on a shelf. Digital custom printed labels are a great solution for specialty food packaging. Our digital printer is capable of generating full color labels with striking clarity. The eye-catching graphics of digital specialty food labels customized with your logo, artwork, and message will gain customers’ attention and motivate them to pull your product down from the shelf for a closer look.

Digital printing is also an ideal solution for specialty food marketing because it allows for low cost variable data printing. Changing an element of each label such as a bar code or serial number can be done easily and efficiently with Century Label’s advanced digital printing technology.

Eye-catching graphics

In marketing specialty food products, it is important to have a visually appealing label and packaging that will gain the attention of potential customers. Century Label’s ink custom food labels will attract customers’ attention and encourage them to pull your specialty food product down from the shelf. With eye-catching graphics and intricate detail, specialty food labels will earn your product a second look.

Our ink specialty food labels are printed on a flexographic ink press that is able to print small text and detailed images with precision and clarity. Ink printing also enables us to print custom food labels requiring screens, spot colors, Pantone colors, and duotones.

We’ve got a really good workflow with Century Label—the product is great and the pricing is competitive. Everyone has always been very supportive and accountable. We reach out last minute with hard asks and deadlines, and it’s good knowing Century has the team, infrastructure and know-how to meet demands.
— Tobin Ludwig (Hella Cocktail Co.)

Hella Cocktail Co. Eddie Simeon and Tobin Ludwig discuss how Century Label has benefited their business. Using a combination of pressure-sensitive and shrink sleeve labels, Hella Cocktail Co., which sells a variety of cocktail mixers and ingredients, has created a brand identity that has been critical to its success. **This video is a winner of a 2017 Bronze ADDY Award for Advertising Industry Self-Promotion Film/Video/Sound**