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Ink Eco-Friendly Labels

Century Label’s new eco-friendly labels are made of EarthFirst PLA material, a corn-based alternative to the commonly used petroleum-based label material. By employing the use of a renewable resource for our label material, Century Label reduces the amount of petroleum and petro-chemicals being released into the environment, offering an environmentally conscious labeling solution with the same functionality as our standard labels. Ideal for artwork with fine detail and small printing, our flexographic ink printing process can produce eco-friendly stickers with precise matches of artwork and text. Ink printing also enables more color control, allowing for color mixing, spot matching, duotones, and screens.

Display your product and your environmental consciousness by placing an order for eco-friendly labels. Contact Century Label at 800-933-0643 to place an order or to ask any questions about our labels, printing processes, or EarthFirst PLA material. Our customer care team is available to assist you in ordering and to answer any of your questions.