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Shrink Bands

Shrink sleeves create vibrant product packaging and labeling solutions that are both promotional and functional. Century Label can provide shrink bands with full color digital graphics that fully encompass a product when heat is applied. With a maximum printing area and the advanced printing capabilities of a four color digital printing process, heat shrink labels will pique interest and boost sales. Shrink sleeves also offer practical packaging benefits. Custom shrink film is seamed to fit around a product. When heat is applied, sleeve shrinks to conform to the product’s shape even if it is unique or irregular. Stylish and aesthetically appealing, shrink bands will enhance product packaging and improve marketability.

To create a custom shrink film that showcases your product and company, contact Century Label at 800-933-0643 and place an order for shrink bands. We will guide you through the process of artwork submission and will ensure that your product dimensions and printing requirements are accurately communicated. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us. We will make your printing order our priority.

  • Century Label can also provide shrink sleeves to package multiple items for promotional offerings. View our shrink sleeve promo bands to create a promotional package of two or more items.
  • Shrink bands can also be printed with a perforation. Use tamper evident shrink sleeves for food items and pharmaceutical products.