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Prime Labels & Shrink Sleeves

Like their specialty food counterparts, specialty beverages are created with a different level of care than mass-produced drinks. In order to maximize the limited space on a crowded shelf, a distinct, eye-catching label is a must. Century Label offers a variety of labeling solutions that feature the vibrant graphics and innovative design necessary to grab the attention of even the most discriminating specialty beverage consumer.


Specialty Beverage Labels

The label is vital to specialty beverage packaging. An attractive, easy-to-read label will capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to try a product—it's the very first impression a product makes on the consumer. Century Label offers a variety of labeling solutions, each of which adds personality to the look of a specialty beverage. Multi-process printing incorporates a metallic foil into the design of a specialty beverage label—creating a full color imprint with attractive foil highlights. For a more personalized label, variable data printing changes an element of each label (such as a bar code or serial number) and can be done easily and efficiently with Century Label’s advanced digital printing technology.


  • Professional quality

  • Clear, easy-to-read images and text

  • Vibrant full color graphics

Specialty Beverage Shrink Sleeves

Century Label's shrink sleeves are an innovative way to attract attention to your products in the ever-growing specialty and craft beverage market. This unique labeling solution provides a full impact, 360 degree display of artwork and important product information. When shrink sleeves are heated, they shrink and conform tightly to a product container for a seamless finish. Shrink sleeves can also be designed to fully cover your container and lid, providing a tamper-evident seal to ensure product freshness and the safety of your customers.

Shrink Sleeve Benefits

  • Large print area for artwork and product information

  • Gain customers’ confidence with a seamless, professional look

  • Display your logo and nutrition facts in an easy-to-read format

Wine Bottle & Craft Beer Labels

Wine Bottle Labels

Present and showcase your wine products with custom wine bottle labels from Century Label. Creative personalized wine bottle labels will not only communicate information about your product, but will also draw customers’ attention to your wine. Our digital and HD Flexo custom wine labels are printed in full color with cutting edge printing technology, yielding brilliant prints and sharp images that will command the consumer's attention.


Craft Beer Labels

Now, more than ever, the label on the outside of your craft beer has almost as much impact as what's inside. Shrink sleeves are an efficient, economical way to customize your canned beers, while pressure sensitive labels can give your bottles a unique, eye-catching look. Additionally, incorporating a metallic foil into the craft beer label design will give your product an elegant, sophisticated appearance.

We’ve got a really good workflow with Century Label—the product is great and the pricing is competitive. Everyone has always been very supportive and accountable. We reach out last minute with hard asks and deadlines, and it’s good knowing Century has the team, infrastructure and know-how to meet demands.
— Tobin L. (Hella Cocktail Co.)

Hella Cocktail Co.'s Eddie Simeon and Tobin Ludwig discuss how Century Label has benefited their business using a combination of pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels.

Dave Colt and Clay Robinson, owners of Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis, Indiana discuss how shrink sleeves from Century Label have benefited their regional craft brewing business.

Specialty Beverage Labels & Shrink Sleeves

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