Century Label to Attend 2018 AWA Workshop

View the 3D proof of the spray bottle shrink sleeve.

Century Label will exhibit their award-winning shrink wrap products at the 2018 Alexander Watson Associates (AWA) Workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The theme of this year’s workshop, which will take place on November 13th and 14th, is “Introduction to Heat Shrink Sleeve Label Technologies in 2018.” Century Label VP and general manager Todd R. Frendt and digital production supervisor Bryce Schwab will represent Century at the 2018 AWA Workshop.

Century Label is proud to be the supplier of shrink film for this workshop, which aims to improve participants’ understanding of heat shrink sleeve label production and application through interactive guided activities.

View the 3D proof of the drink bottle shrink sleeve.

“As a significant player in one of the fastest growing markets in our industry, we continually look for the latest technologies in shrink sleeve printing and application that will differentiate our value proposition from others,” says Frendt.

Frendt added, “Attending and supplying the printed shrink substrate for the AWA Sleeve Label Workshop allows us to engage with other industry leaders to share knowledge and demonstrate our expertise.”

Ways to Make Your Nutraceutical Labeling Stand Out

Most top-quality supplements provide similar health-maintaining benefits to one another. 

So, when the supplements are finally displayed on the store shelf, what make your nutraceutical product stand out from the rest? There are a few important characteristics to make your nutraceutical labels stand out. 

Know Your Target Audience Better Than the Competition

Targeting supplements for body builders is different than supplements that help the elderly get a better night’s sleep. Monitor the questions your customers have about your supplements to know their concerns and the kind of response you need to make. Consumers value authenticity and transparency; most of them won’t understand the scientific reasons your supplement is superior. They will depend on the feeling of confidence they have that your advertisements are telling them the truth.

Package Design Matters

When it comes time to choose a supplement off the shelf, an appealing package design is everything. Consumers need to know which product is the best fit for them, so quality and pricing are important—but when compared to the competition that provides the same type of high-quality product, why would make the consumer choose your brand? 

One answer is labeling. 

Appealing Label and Design

Knowing your target audience will help you design a brand that is specifically geared toward your consumers. Meeting the needs of your consumers will help to improve your company’s image as well as increase sales. A creative label and package design will appeal to the consumer with a memorable visual design.

Color choices, shape, and font type and size are elements that all need to be considered to represent your product's brand. Studies have found that 65% of new customers are influenced by how a product is packaged, while 55% of returning customers are loyal to the product because of the packaging design.

Criteria for Branding Your Supplements

The image your company displays cultivates trust and a sense of dependability. The brand packaging is the last thing a consumer sees before he or she decides on which brand to purchase. 

Some elements on your nutraceutical labels will help your supplements stand out:

  • Image appeal. Your packaging contributes to your brand image. A distinct product design establishes a relationship with consumers with which they identify. 

  • FDA guidelines. Your health supplements should include Supplement Facts – ingredients and nutritional values that meet FDA guidelines.

  • Additional health claims. Adding additional health claims for supplements can increase sales by 20%. Packaging that included additional health claims such as promoting a healthy digestive system or controlling blood sugar have been shown to have a higher appeal to consumers.

Labeling a Brand

A supplement that promotes a healthy lifestyle succeeds because its top-quality ingredients are matched by its top-quality appearance. Century Label understands what aspects of labeling need to be emphasized to appeal to the consumer. Our labeling services include shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, and pressure sensitive labels that will help to establish and deliver a brand that your customers will remember and trust.

Let’s Get Started

The design team at Century Label is ready to help you take your vision and apply it to your products. We will take you through every step of the process, preserving the integrity of your brand and using high-quality printing techniques. 

Our customer care specialists are standing by to make sure every order is exactly the way you imagined it, ensuring your satisfaction. Request a quote today to get started on your own quest for branding success.

The Importance of Packaging: Why it’s Necessary to Take Branding Seriously

Know The Roles of Branding and Packaging in Your Business’s Growth

Branding is one of the most important parts of marketing a business – it’s what sets you apart from your competitors. It can tell your customers what to expect from your products, vision, and mission. By creating a professional, high-quality brand, you are showing your customers they can expect the best from your products, and your business. 

Here’s a brief overview of why branding is so important for your business’s overall growth.

  With more options now than ever before for your customers, it is more important to have your packaging stand out from the crowd.

With more options now than ever before for your customers, it is more important to have your packaging stand out from the crowd.

What Is Branding? 

To start, let’s talk about what branding covers. Branding is the way a company portrays its values and mission to the public. A high-quality brand shows potential customers you are serious about your business. Taking the time to print high-quality custom labels or flexible packaging and to design the perfect logo goes a long way toward showing your customers you provide top-of-the-line services. 

Branding needs to stay consistent – from the content you post to your marketing materials. It is important to portray one steady image to your audience, keeping the mission of your company strong. Consistently portray your brand on products to keep your company fresh in customers’ minds. 

How to Create a Brand

Your brand needs to answer a few important questions about your company:

  • What is your company’s mission statement?

  • What do you want your customers to think of when they see your business?

  • What are the benefits of your brand or service?

Once you figure out the answers to these questions, you can start to create branding elements for your company. To start, you will need a logo to associate with your brand. Use color elements across all your marketing materials and put your logo on anything you use for your business, including packaging, flyers, and mailing labels. 

Decide on a “voice” for your brand. How will your branding portray your company’s image? Be sure your logo, your tagline, and all your materials represent this overall picture. Be consistent among all your materials and your customers will learn what to expect, creating trust. 

Benefits of Strong Branding

Strong branding gives your business staying power. When customers recognize your design elements in, for example, a 360 degree display on the shrink sleeves of their favorite product, it extends the life of your brand. It allows you to become independent of a particular product category, increasing the flexibility of your product base for future expansion. With the ability to expand your reach into new product categories, you can extend the life of your business to keep up with customer demand. 

Some other results of strong branding include: 

  • Customer loyalty

  • Increased profits

  • Clarity of brand vision

  • Increased brand focus

  • Increased employee retention

  • Increased market shares

  • Reduced need for changes in pricing

Determine Your Target Audience

One of the best ways to focus your brand is by determining your target audience. Start by figuring out who would benefit most from your products or services. From there, create several marketing personas of people who would be your ideal customer. Give each persona a name, an age, a job, and a lifestyle. Then look at your products from each persona’s viewpoints. What works for that persona about your brand? Once you have determined your target audience, you can focus your branding efforts on your audience, attracting more potential customers. 

Private Labels: An Alternative

How do you achieve the benefits of having a strong brand when your product – or budget – does not warrant the time and resources necessary to creating, testing, implementing and distributing unique and personalized brand packaging? 

Private labeling.

In recent years, annual sales for private-label products has been on the rise as customers increasingly recognize these products as equal in quality to competitor brands. Private label branding is a much lower cost strategy, as it benefits from the branding already created by another company, while still providing a similar level of customer draw, retention and loyalty as a result as would an individual brand packaging strategy.

Let’s Get Started

The design team at Century Label is ready to help you take your vision and apply it to your products. We will take you through every step of the process, preserving the integrity of your brand and using high-quality printing techniques. 

Our customer care specialists are standing by to make sure every order is exactly the way you imagined it, ensuring your satisfaction. Request a quote today to get started on your own quest for branding success.

Answering Consumer Challenges in the Flexible Packaging and Labeling Industry

Flexible packaging has become the preferred method for many consumers. They are easy to transport, can fit into places standard boxes can’t, and often allow for resealing so that consumers can use a product and not worry about the product spoiling quickly.  

As the market shifts away from rigid boxes and into flexible materials, meeting customer desires will be essential in completing conversions and driving business. There can be difficulties, however, obtaining packaging that meets customer needs from suppliers.

Answering Major Challenges in the Flexible Packaging Industry

Packaging can be the key component in a customer selecting your product over another in a store – and in whether they return to your product in the future. As such, it’s essential to meet customer demands when designing packages. To do that, it’s important to understand what the most important aspects of packaging are.

According to a poll held by the Global Pouch Forum, the top factors that should play into packaging development are:

  1. Shelf impact and differentiation

  2. Customer convenience

  3. Cost

  4. Improved shelf life

  5. Speed to market

  6. Sustainability

The specific level of impact of these factors on your packaging will vary with your brand message and your audience. However, shelf impact and customer convenience have some of the highest margins of importance in packaging design.

Shelf impact is what makes your package stand out from other brands, as well as highlighting what makes your product different from the others. Flexible packaging allows you to make the most of your space to appeal to the customer.

Consumer convenience involves visual appeal, easy to use functionality, sustainability and freshness. The convenient storage options of flexible packaging combined with the potential to reseal a package contribute to these factors. Additionally, flexible packaging is quicker to market, lower minimum order quantities, and cost savings from digital printing, allowing for a reduced impact on the environment.

The drive to emphasize convenience for an on-the-go lifestyle and emphasis on sustainability of products is gaining momentum, partially thanks to the number of Millennials making purchasing decisions. 

Even outside of the younger generations, roughly 71% of consumers prefer flexible packaging over non-flexible counterparts – and not adapting to this change means that you can lose customers to businesses that do. However, not all suppliers provide flexible packaging options, which puts a roadblock in the path to making this change.

Active and Intelligent Packaging

In addition to providing flexible packaging options, you want your packages to do more than just provide a convenient way for consumers to recognize and use your products. Incorporating active and intelligent packaging can engage the customers further, bringing in better business. As technology develops, many new ways to develop active and intelligent packaging have come into use:

  • Augmented reality

  • Incorporating company vision

  • Educational product training and safety

  • Product use, promotion of other products, and contests

  • Water-soluble paper materials

While some of these options are new and others are updates on older strategies, they are all great choices to help enhance your packaging plans. Flexible packaging makes it easy to incorporate these elements, giving you even more options for strengthening your marketing plans and attracting customer interest.

A Most Unique and Timely Packaging Innovation

How can SmartSolve materials benefit you and your customers? SmartSolve water soluble materials are the perfect choice for flexible and other packaging options, providing materials that meet all the essential factors of successful packaging and giving you the variety you need to develop the optimal packaging strategy for your products. SmartSolve can benefit you and your customers by providing:

  • Employee and customer safety. Some products may include harmful chemicals that can impact both your employees and customers. With SmartSolve water-soluble pouches, you have a barrier between the product and the user for additional safety.

  • Sustainability. SmartSolve packaging goes beyond recycling and has several certifications of “green” from agencies like TPCH and OSHA.

  • Time and labor savings. For customers who work with critical equipment, our water-soluble paper solutions make for easy label removal and cut down on cleaning time of products and packaging, increasing the amount of labor spent on growing your organization.

  • Innovation. With water-soluble paper materials available in multiple thicknesses, coatings, and configurations, there’s an option ready for your needs all while providing a convenient to use product.

  • Product portioning. If your product requires specific portion sizes, SmartSolve can give you whatever packaging you need to maintain the integrity of your product for use.

SmartSolve provides pouches, board stock, and label stock packaging solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective, convenient for customer use, and differentiation in a changing market. 

To learn more about meeting consumer challenges, view the full Webinar we recently gave for the Contract Packaging Association. As always, we’re here to answer any questions; just call 800.537.9429 or request a quote.