The Rise of Cannabis-Infused Beer Against Adversity

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As governments slowly lift marijuana restrictions, cannabis innovators look for new ways to normalize the plant. The introduction of cannabis-infused beer faced backlash not only from the government, but from the beer industry as well. The first innovators to break ground in the market of cannabis-infused beer have straddled the line between federal and state regulation of cannabis products and alcohol, facing adversity from all angles including the cannabis industry, the beer industry and all levels of government. Ultimately, the cannabis-infused beer crafters are striving to legitimize cannabis to many different parts of society.

Problems with Public Perception

While Americans have gradually become more accepting of cannabis overall in recent years, many are staunchly opposed to the push for recreational cannabis legalization and believe the only legitimacy of cannabis resides in its medicinal applications. Others believe that cannabis is objectively less harmful than alcohol and therefore should not face such stringent legal barriers considering the legal status of alcohol.

Creating New Products in the Face of Stringent Legislation

Cannabis-infused beers present unique challenges to brewers on many fronts. Federal law prohibits the sale of any mixture of alcohol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so brewers must ensure any cannabis used in the brewing process does not contain THC. Many beverage makers seeking to create THC-infused drinks have turned to nonalcoholic beverages like sparkling water, juice, and tea, while cannabis-infused beer brewers have turned to using different cannabis byproducts in their alcoholic beers.

Some brewers, like Keith Villa, inventor of the wildly popular Blue Moon Pale Ale, have started developing recipes for nonalcoholic beer infused with low doses of THC. Grainwave, the first of its kind from Ceria Beverages, hit store shelves in Colorado in December of 2018. Other notable brewers in years past faced legal trouble for experimenting with cannabis-infused beverages, including Lagunitas, which was raided by the California Alcohol Control Board in 2005 for “disorderly house,” and Dad & Dude’s Breweria, which produced the first commercial CBD-infused beer that led to a 2016 legal battle over the beverage, dubbed General Washington’s Secret Stash in an homage to the hemp-growing first President of the United States.

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The Push for Legitimacy is a Long Game

Some of the harshest scrutiny facing brewers of cannabis-infused beer comes from the craft brewing community. While these brewers generally strive to create beers with cannabis byproducts that can stand on their own regardless of CBD or THC content, many other craft brewers see the push for cannabis additives in beer as nothing but a gimmick. For example, the Boston Beer Company, the largest craft brewery in the US and makers of the Sam Adams brand, warned in 2016 that THC and CBD-infused beers could devastate the craft beer market and advised consumers not to support those brewers experimenting with cannabis-infused beer. However, a recent survey from the Brewers’ Association reported that craft beer brewers responded overwhelmingly that they planned to experiment with cannabis-infused beer in the near future.

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Age-Appropriate Labeling for the CBD Industry


Though the CBD industry is becoming more mainstream, labeling for such products can be tricky.

CBD product support is growing among American legislators, but one of the main talking points used against cannabis law reform and the proliferation of CBD products is the potential to unintentionally entice children. Certain products targeted at millennials and young adults could also draw the attention of underage individuals.

This concern has motivated many legislators to enact stricter requirements for the labeling of CBD products.

The Importance of Appropriate CBD Product Labels

Due to the relatively recent push for acceptance of cannabis-based products in the U.S., most state legislatures have enacted strict requirements that all CBD product manufacturers must follow. Typically, these laws require careful testing of all CBD products and labeling that includes batch number, concentration, ingredients and scannable QR codes that can report that product’s individual testing results during the manufacturing process. These requirements aim to increase transparency and limit the risk of abuse, especially by younger people who may feel enticed by attractive packaging.

CBD product developers must not only meet state and federal labeling requirements but also develop attractive packaging that appeals to the consumer. Ultimately, companies that sell CBD products need to develop packaging that conveys value and reliability while including all required information.

Developing the Perfect CBD Product Labels for Your Brand

The growing CBD product market presents incredible opportunities to product developers but also significant challenges. Two of the most commonly cited challenges include compliance with labeling requirements and developing packaging that stands out from the competition.

Century Label has nearly 40 years of experience with professional custom labeling for consumer products, and we use a multifaceted design and production process to ensure every customer order is completely accurate every time. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate CBD product labeling laws (which vary from state to state), and our team works closely with every client to help develop the ideal compliant CBD product packaging.

CBD product packaging needs to not only stand out, but also include all legally-required product information. Contact Century Label today to learn more about our cannabis product labeling services and let us help you develop the perfect labels for your CBD products.

How to Make Your CBD Products Stand Out


Custom CBD labels have much to balance – they must be industry compliant, target the right audience and clearly display what the product is. Thanks to legislative changes across the country in recent years, the CBD industry is booming, and new product innovators are looking for ways to get their CBD products on store shelves and in the hands of customers. One of the most important decisions to make when launching a product line of CBD goods is labeling, and Century Label has the experience and tools to help you craft winning branded product packaging and labels.

Elements of a Good CBD Product Label

CBD and other products made from industrial hemp or marijuana must meet strict regulatory requirements. In addition, some CBD product manufacturers will include identifying information on the label, such as intended uses, possible side effects, and safety warnings. The Food and Drug Administration and other government oversight agencies decide which information must appear on a CBD product label, so manufacturers must start their packaging design process by including that required information on the product label.

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Once the legal end of the labeling process is sorted out, the next step is to make sure the products are eye-catching and convey value to potential customers. CBD products have generated a highly competitive market, and shelf visibility is needed for a brand to succeed.

An attractive design that doesn’t cross the threshold of being garish is key; an attractive label that naturally draws attention – not something obtrusive that forces you to notice it – is ideal. Modern consumers expect quality, transparency, and value in their purchases, and this must be the main focus in a competitive market like CBD products.

How Century Label Can Help

At Century Label, we start with a personalized customer service session to fully understand the wants and needs of our customers for their CBD product labeling. We can meet with regulatory departments to determine which bits of information must be placed on the labels, and then we hand our preliminary plans to the design team. Our designers will work closely with the brand owners to determine the best color options, typefaces, and packaging types for the product line.

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The Importance of CBD Compliant Labels

The 2018 Farm Bill classifies industrial hemp as an acceptable crop instead of part of the umbrella classification of “marijuana,” a controlled substance. With this reclassification, labeling plays a major role in the marketing of CBD products. Unlike other industries, compliance for labeling is a crucial step for CBD retail. To ensure that labeling both targets the right audience and is government compliant, it’s best to work with a personalized team.


CBD Label Compliance

Companies hoping to capitalize on the booming CBD product market must take care to ensure their product labels meet the strict requirements set forth by the federal government. Failure to adhere to these standards could not only compromise future business operations, but it may even lead to fines and other legal penalties. At Century Label, we use state-of-the-art custom label making technology to ensure that CBD product labels do not just look great, but also conform to all applicable regulations.

Companies that manufacture and sell any type of CBD product must ensure their product conforms to acceptable definitions under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. For example, the FDA takes the position that CBD does not qualify as a dietary supplement, so CBD products cannot be labeled as dietary supplements or similar products.

How Century Label Can Help With Compliant CBD Labels

With over 40 years of professional labeling experience, Century Label has the tools and experience to help achieve full compliance with all applicable CBD regulations.

Century Label starts with personalized customer service. We will take the time to get to know your companies, brands and products. We can also meet with in-house regulatory teams to ensure full compliance with all product labels. Our design team takes over the next phase, and our experienced designers will help capture the essence of the brand in attractive and fully compliant product labels.

Once we have finalized designs, our color management team will help ensure the finished product matches the vision of the company’s marketing team, all while ensuring required label information is fully visible, legible and complete. The final phase is our precision printing process, which uses the most current digital printing.

To ensure your CBD product labels are attractive and fully compliant with the new regulations, contact Century Label today to learn more about our processes and see how our team can help with your CBD product labeling.