Industrial & Chemical Labels

Century Label can produce high quality digital and HD Flexo custom printed labels for your industrial and chemical products. Great for cleaning supplies and auto care products packaged in standard containers, industrial labels promote safety by giving a clear indication of a product’s contents and directions for use. The finished product can display intricate artwork and small text with excellent clarity.

Promote safety and draw attention by designing a custom printed label with all relevant product and product use information for your industrial and chemical products, and Century Label will provide a set of high quality labels with a vibrant match to your submitted design.

Label Benefits

  • Professional quality

  • Clear, easy-to-read images and text

  • Vibrant full color graphics

Industrial & Chemical
Shrink Sleeves

For more contour-intensive packaging designs, custom printed shrink sleeves from Century Label provide a more versatile labeling option for industrial and chemical products. Shrink sleeves use distortion to allow text and images to appear correctly and proportionately after application is complete and can be altered to fit any shape packaging.

Additionally, shrink sleeves can provide an extra layer of security and protection. Tamper-evident shrink sleeves that fully cover the product and have a perforated cap to detect tampering, as well as heat shrink seals that cover only the tops of products.

Shrink Sleeve Benefits

  • Large print area for artwork and product information

  • Gain customers’ confidence with a seamless, professional look

  • Display your logo and product ingredients in an easy-to-read format

Century Label has been our label provider for the past 6 months, and after working with 4 other companies prior we are extremely pleased with the quality of the product they produce, the rapid turn around time on all projects in addition to the outstanding customer service. We find their prices to be highly competitive and it is nice to work with a supplier that is working with the best interest of our company in mind. I would highly recommend the services of Century Label and all their affiliated divisions. Our company will continue to use their services for many projects now and in the future.
— Thomas B. (Green Ocean Products)

Industrial & Chemical Labels and Shrink Sleeves