Behind Every Great Label is Great Technology


Part 2 of a 3-part series on color management.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Century Label has made a significant effort to continuously advance our color management protocols and update production equipment to make sure the colors of your print job reproduce exactly the way you want and need them.

That commitment has led to updating everything from the lighting in the rooms where we examine color, to the press we use to print proofs for you to examine, to the color sample books we keep at our desks.

The quality of the viewing light has a big impact on color appearance. In designated areas, including all press rooms, the ink mixing station, and in certain offices, D50 color correction lighting has been installed, where pre-press technicians, equipment operators and customers alike can more accurately evaluate the continuity of color. D50 lighting is accepted as THE Graphics Standard when it comes to lighting - helping us do away with any “invisible” influence on the way color is perceived by the naked eye under varying viewing conditions.

We’ve also added SpotOn! Color - press-side software that enables more precise spot color control on our flexographic presses. HD Flexo is the more advanced printing process that utilizes improved, digital flexographic plates to print at a higher quality and resolution than standard flexo plates. This advanced software, for example, enables press operators to get optimum color reproduction from run to run.

What’s on the horizon? We are currently working on creating special profiling for our HD Flexo printing process that will allow us to use one of our digital presses for enhanced color proofing. This proofing method will help customers avoid the high cost of spec runs, and at the same time, provide a proof on a given job’s deliverable substrate.

Again, all this so that Century Label can help you show your true colors.

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