Dissolves in 30 seconds or less.

SmartSolve custom printed labels will truly make your product stand apart from the crowd. A fully dissolving label stock paired with a fully dissolving adhesive makes SmartSolve water soluble labels the perfect addition to your environmentally friendly product. Removed by simply washing away in water, this label allows your customer to up-cycle your product container. Available in both flexographic and full 6-color digital print styles, the limits of SmartSolve are limited only by your imagination.


SmartSolve Labels

Features & Benefits

  • Dissolves easily and completely in any water temperature

  • Leaves no adhesive residue and dissolves in 30 seconds

  • Perfect for reusable containers

  • Certified “Green”: TPCH and CPSIA 2008, OSHA, NIOSH, EU Reach, California Prop 65, IARC, and NTP.

  • Material has an expected shelf life of 12 months

  • Works in environments from -40° to 176°F

SmartSolve Success Stories

Charged with printing 12,000 water soluble stickers of 26 different character designs, Century Label developed dissolvable stickers using its SmartSolve label stock. However, color-matching the licensed artwork colors of the beloved children's characters presented another challenge entirely - and an opportunity for the company to show off its new color-matching technology.

"While searching for an alternative to water soluble plastic containers, we happened upon SmartSolve water soluble paper and found it to be the perfect fit. The SmartSolve product dissolved quicker and more completely than the plastic and was a much more environmentally-conscious choice. It also prints significantly better than plastic." — Ralph Duda III (Kid Casters)

SmartSolve Water Soluble Labels

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