5 Advantages of Augmented Reality Packaging


Augmented reality (AR) provides a way for people to interact with a real environment through portable devices. AR adds layers and dimensions of interacting with the environment not possible in the real world. Companies are taking advantage of this new technology in the way they package goods for consumers.

How to Use AR with Your Packaging

There are several ways that AR can bring customers and products closer together, to make the shopping experience more entertaining and meaningful.

  1. Many products have small labels. AR can be practical by magnifying those small labels and making them easier to read.

  2. Enhance your catalog with AR, as Ikea did. When you wave your smartphone over the pages, you get the option to design a 360-degree view of a room with Ikea products, as well as watch videos and interact with 3D models of items they’re selling.

  3. Make the shopping experience more convenient, like Topshop did. With augmented reality dressing rooms, customers at Topshop can see how a garment would look on them without having to physically try it on. Trackers in the dressing room superimpose your choice of clothing on your body so you can see, quickly and easily, how it would look and fit.

  4. Spice up your print ads with some kinetic action. With HP Reveal, Lexus makes their cars come to life, turning into 3D versions that can drive right off the page. This digital experience is entertaining and makes the product even more attractive.

  5. Use AR for special promotions. Heineken’s logo, when scanned, produces a digital 3D globe that customers can explore. They also offered sweepstakes prizes for the Latin Grammy Awards which generated lots of interest in their product.

Use Augmented Reality Wisely

Just because you can use augmented reality doesn’t mean that it should be used without a plan. Experts note that some instances of AR can backfire or be a waste of time.

As always, know your audience. If you are selling a medicine used primarily by the elderly, AR packaging may be helpful, but not if the consumer is unable to use it. Many older customers do not look for AR or are not even aware of it. AR is a product enhancement that will be more attractive to younger consumers.

Remember that gimmicks wear out their welcome pretty quickly. AR should enliven the connection between customer and product, it should mean something with respect to the product. Having AR without a strategy it will not heighten the experience and can even distance potential customers from the product.

Know your audience and keep the experience meaningful. If you approach AR in the right way, it can invigorate your connection with your clients and make your products stand out.

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