7 Reasons to Consider Custom Printed Stand-Up Pouches

Product packaging can affect customer perception, convenience, and even whether a prospective consumer will give a brand a shot. Stand-up pouches, or self-standing pouches are becoming a popular way to package products—here’s why.

Why Stand-Up Pouches?

Anyone who has been in a grocery store recently may have noticed that everything from applesauce to beef broth has gotten a pouch makeover. Flexible packaging is gaining steam in the packaging industry because it’s resealable, features a sleek design, provides a sense of novelty, and stores in pantries more effectively.

Some possible applications for custom printed pouches include: dried fruits and nuts, chocolate and candy, protein and supplement powders, gourmet pet treats, potpourri, cannabis edibles, baby food or pureed fruits or vegetables, and broth, bouillon, or soups.

The possibilities for using custom printed stand-up pouches and flexible packaging are endless—and are continually becoming a reality.

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Benefits of Flexible Packaging

Using customized pouches for product launches or repackaging initiatives has several benefits, from cost to convenience.

  1. Faster speed to market times. Compared to other forms of printed packaging, flexible packaging like pouches have a faster time to market. Roll film lead times range from 7-14 days on average, while converted packages are from 12-20 days (keep in mind that these may vary depending on changes in the supply chain).

  2. Stand-up pouches have a lower minimum quantity, which makes them ideal for short-run or limited products.

  3. High print quality. Like all of Century Label’s products, pouches can be expected to feature high-definition quality, impeccable color management, and perfect registration.

  4. They’re cost effective. Flexible packaging saves money on plate charges and is able to be printed on demand, preventing waste or excess inventory.

  5. They’re customizable. Packaging designs can easily be varied to target any niche demographic or promotional opportunity.

  6. They’re sustainable. Compared to other forms of conventional printing and packaging, flexible pouch printing has a lower environmental impact.

  7. They’re trending. Consumers are naturally drawn to pouches because they are convenient and easy to store. As companies begin to realize their consumer appeal, expect to see even more products hitting the shelves in pouches.

Whether preparing for a limited product run or just looking to repackage your products, flexible packaging pouches may be the perfect answer. With limitless applications, from fruit to laundry detergent, pouches are sustainable, high quality, durable, and easy for consumers to store.

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