How to Make Your CBD Products Stand Out


Custom CBD labels have much to balance – they must be industry compliant, target the right audience and clearly display what the product is. Thanks to legislative changes across the country in recent years, the CBD industry is booming, and new product innovators are looking for ways to get their CBD products on store shelves and in the hands of customers. One of the most important decisions to make when launching a product line of CBD goods is labeling, and Century Label has the experience and tools to help you craft winning branded product packaging and labels.

Elements of a Good CBD Product Label

CBD and other products made from industrial hemp or marijuana must meet strict regulatory requirements. In addition, some CBD product manufacturers will include identifying information on the label, such as intended uses, possible side effects, and safety warnings. The Food and Drug Administration and other government oversight agencies decide which information must appear on a CBD product label, so manufacturers must start their packaging design process by including that required information on the product label.

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Once the legal end of the labeling process is sorted out, the next step is to make sure the products are eye-catching and convey value to potential customers. CBD products have generated a highly competitive market, and shelf visibility is needed for a brand to succeed.

An attractive design that doesn’t cross the threshold of being garish is key; an attractive label that naturally draws attention – not something obtrusive that forces you to notice it – is ideal. Modern consumers expect quality, transparency, and value in their purchases, and this must be the main focus in a competitive market like CBD products.

How Century Label Can Help

At Century Label, we start with a personalized customer service session to fully understand the wants and needs of our customers for their CBD product labeling. We can meet with regulatory departments to determine which bits of information must be placed on the labels, and then we hand our preliminary plans to the design team. Our designers will work closely with the brand owners to determine the best color options, typefaces, and packaging types for the product line.

Guarantee high-quality compliant packaging and labeling for your CBD product with Century Label. Contact us for more information or to get started today.