Age-Appropriate Labeling for the CBD Industry


Though the CBD industry is becoming more mainstream, labeling for such products can be tricky.

CBD product support is growing among American legislators, but one of the main talking points used against cannabis law reform and the proliferation of CBD products is the potential to unintentionally entice children. Certain products targeted at millennials and young adults could also draw the attention of underage individuals.

This concern has motivated many legislators to enact stricter requirements for the labeling of CBD products.

The Importance of Appropriate CBD Product Labels

Due to the relatively recent push for acceptance of cannabis-based products in the U.S., most state legislatures have enacted strict requirements that all CBD product manufacturers must follow. Typically, these laws require careful testing of all CBD products and labeling that includes batch number, concentration, ingredients and scannable QR codes that can report that product’s individual testing results during the manufacturing process. These requirements aim to increase transparency and limit the risk of abuse, especially by younger people who may feel enticed by attractive packaging.

CBD product developers must not only meet state and federal labeling requirements but also develop attractive packaging that appeals to the consumer. Ultimately, companies that sell CBD products need to develop packaging that conveys value and reliability while including all required information.

Developing the Perfect CBD Product Labels for Your Brand

The growing CBD product market presents incredible opportunities to product developers but also significant challenges. Two of the most commonly cited challenges include compliance with labeling requirements and developing packaging that stands out from the competition.

Century Label has nearly 40 years of experience with professional custom labeling for consumer products, and we use a multifaceted design and production process to ensure every customer order is completely accurate every time. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate CBD product labeling laws (which vary from state to state), and our team works closely with every client to help develop the ideal compliant CBD product packaging.

CBD product packaging needs to not only stand out, but also include all legally-required product information. Contact Century Label today to learn more about our cannabis product labeling services and let us help you develop the perfect labels for your CBD products.