How to Market Nutraceuticals and Be Successful


Nutraceuticals are popular—they take up a whole aisle of the grocery store. Companies that are considering breaking into the emerging nutraceutical markets should know how to market their products and which aspects of their advertising will have the most significant impact.

Why the Nutraceutical Boom?

Nutraceuticals are food products that contain health-boosting additives. Also called “bioceuticals” or supplemented foods, these products exist in the same category as dietary supplements according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA regulates dietary supplements, but many nutraceutical products either do not qualify for regulation or circumvent the regulatory process.

Americans are growing more health-conscious, and foods with clear medical benefits are appealing to many people of all ages. Given the choice between a standard food product and one that contains an added medical benefit such as extra antioxidants, high protein, or additional vitamins, most consumers will probably go for the clearly healthier option.

Building Your Nutraceutical Brand Image

In order for a nutraceutical business to succeed, companies need to take a by-the-book approach:

  • Verify compliance requirements with the FDA. Failing to meet these requirements could mean products never make it to store shelves, or, worse, they could lead to the FDA or other government agencies fining the business for noncompliance.

  • Include all required information on nutraceutical labels. Century Label offers a full range of commercial product label design and our printing and design teams are familiar with the requirements facing businesses in similar markets. We can ensure product labels contain all required information in sleek, attractive, and functional packaging.

  • Develop strong branding. Nutraceuticals are a booming industry rife with competition, so companies need to create a strong, competitive product to capture the attention of the desired consumers with memorable branding.

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Emerging Nutraceutical Niches

Companies that are planning to launch a nutraceutical product line should consider focusing on one of the top target markets:

  • Joint health. Many Americans, especially seniors, struggle with joint pain.

  • Gut remedies. Health-conscious people are looking for ways to improve digestion and metabolism.

  • Skeletal strength. As we age, bone density and resiliency diminish.

No matter the niche, products should be eye-catching, include all required information on the packaging or label, and show customers clear value and trustworthiness when they see it.

Century Label can handle custom product packaging and labeling products of all kinds, including nutraceuticals. Contact us today to learn more about our services.