Nutraceutical Labels

Custom printed labels are a vital component of nutraceutical marketing. Nutraceutical products combine dietary and medicinal properties and include many health and beauty benefits. Highlight your ingredients and features with attractive and easy-to-read custom nutraceutical labels from Century Label. Professional and informative nutraceutical packaging will earn the initial trust of potential customers and encourage them to try your product.


  • Professional quality

  • Clear, easy-to-read images and text

  • Vibrant full color graphics

Nutraceutical Shrink Sleeves

Century Label's shrink sleeves are an innovative way to attract attention to your products in the ever-growing nutraceuticals market. These unique custom nutraceutical labels provide a full impact, 360 degree display of artwork and important product and safety information. When shrink sleeves are heated, they will shrink and conform tightly to a product container for a seamless finish. Nutraceutical shrink sleeves can also be designed to fully cover your container and lid, providing a tamper-evident seal to ensure product freshness and the safety of your customers. 

Shrink Sleeve Benefits

  • Large print area for artwork and product information

  • Gain customers’ confidence with a seamless, professional look

  • Display your logo and nutrient facts in an easy-to-read format

Bold labels for a competitive market.

Century Label recently earned recognition from PEAK Awards for the Strongman Whey Protein Powder label that was created using HD Flexo printing, four-color process, silver cold foil, and approximately 30,000 ft. of material (60,000 labels).

We were considering a design change on our protein bags when I discovered Century Label. The design required technology that was too expensive, however the Century team was able to come up with a design solution that allowed us to print our bags with a combination of digital and flexo printing. This option saved us a substantial amount of money up front. Needless to say, the printing on the bags turned out better than expected; they are durable and have held up well during shipping.
— Bob A. (HI-Tech Pharmaceuticals)

Nutraceutical Labels & Shrink Sleeves


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