The Latest Trends in the Nutraceutical Market


The nutraceutical market is an established one, but every industry has developing trends. What are the recent trends in nutraceuticals, and what is the best way to prepare for them? Companies planning to break into the nutraceutical market should know how to capitalize on the latest market trends to capture target consumers.

Private Branding

Many consumers have seen nationwide product recalls and other news that draws them toward private labels. Retailers like Costco, Walmart and others are developing their own “lifestyle brands,” or privately branded product lines that promote wellness. This offers customers an accessible and often cheaper alternative to nationwide brands, and some companies like Safeway are even pivoting toward wellness as their main business focus.

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Cutting-Edge Delivery Options

The nutraceutical consumer base has a diverse range of needs, and typical pills and dietary supplements may not work for every consumer. Some people need liquids, water-soluble powders, chewable tablets, or even topical products. While these non-traditional nutraceutical product forms offer consumers a variety of options for taking their supplements and managing their diets, they also present new challenges to product developers who must create effective products in new forms. Careful development of unique product types can be incredibly rewarding.

Protein and Supplement Alternatives

The demand for protein-based supplements and nutraceuticals has skyrocketed. Additionally, many people are turning away from traditional sources of protein like meat in favor of plant-based protein supplement options. Nutraceutical companies can capitalize on this demand by developing plant-based protein products that break the mold of the usual drink powders, protein bars and supplement pills. Products like cookies, breads and other popular food items are great options for new protein-packed nutraceutical products.

Rising Consumer Standards

The general public has grown more health conscious over the last few years, and many companies have recognized that consumer standards have risen significantly. Customers no longer have patience for companies that engage in questionable business practices, irresponsibly sourced raw materials or little commitment to sustainability. Most modern consumers reward companies that display corporate social responsibility, sustainable business practices and ongoing dedication to developing healthier products.

Custom Labels

Nutraceutical developers have an unprecedented level of opportunity today to capture new consumers with state-of-the-art supplements and products, but standing out from the crowd is still a must. Custom-designed product labels and packaging help nutraceutical brands establish themselves as unique, valuable and trustworthy.

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