Augmented Reality vs. QR Codes


Augmented reality and QR codes are emerging technologies and powerful marketing tools. Companies haven’t considered the possibility of using augmented reality-enabled packaging or QR codes to offer customers valuable interactions when they browse should strongly consider making the change.

In order to take advantage of these technologies, companies should understand the differences between them, their strengths, and how to use them to their greatest effect.

How Does Augmented Reality Work? 

The technology behind augmented reality (or AR) is to superimpose digital images onto reality, typically through a device with a camera. Using AR, a customer can use his or her mobile device to scan AR-enabled content, such as AR-enabled packaging. AR is essentially the combination of real world imaging and digital content in real time.

Marketers and product developers have a fantastic amount of potential when it comes to leveraging AR into their packaging and advertising. Instead of simply relying on visual package design, AR-enabled packaging offers customers interactive experiences and expanded information that cannot be contained on a physical label. These are more memorable interactions than catchy ads and marketing media, and they can ultimately build brand loyalty.

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How to Use QR Codes Effectively

Quick Response (or QR) codes work a bit differently than AR. Instead of manipulating images in real-time, QR codes are scannable, black and white squares with different combinations of blocks, similar to a UPC barcode. When someone scans a QR code with a QR reader application on a smartphone or other internet-enabled device, the code takes the user to a specific website, image or piece of content.

Marketers can leverage QR codes as an effective marketing tool by including them on advertisements, as accompaniments to printed media or as part of product packaging. Customers can quickly scan QR codes and go straight to content that allows them to, for example, download a promotional offer or sign up for a mailing list.

Take Advantage of Emerging Marketing Tools with Century Label

AR and QR codes may work somewhat similarly, but they require careful placement and execution to achieve the greatest effect. Think about whether AR-enabled packaging or printed QR codes could make a difference in your marketing efforts.

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