A Few of Our Favorite Labels

Amoretti Artisan Natural Flavors Black Cherry

Featuring a beautiful soft gradient in the background and behind the nutrition panel, the label for Amoretti Artisan Natural Flavors Black Cherry conveys the message that a delicious product awaits the consumer. The matte finish sets off the stark color, while the detail on the image gives the impression that the black cherries could be picked clean off the paper.

“The graphics really pop on the label. The matte lamination is one of my favorite looks and gives the product a great modern look.” - Susan Ramos

Amoretti Flori di Scilia

The Amoretti Floria di Scilia piece pairs the use of silver BOPP with white accents to produce the metallic border and the accents on the letters in the Amoretti logo. With the digital press, we were able to achieve an impressively smooth gradient on the image in the center of the label. The glossy finish gives the label a clean, classy look.

“The use of the silver and the subtle drop shadow enhance the overall look of the final product. With our digital printing we are able to hold a 1:1 registration, making for a beautiful finished product.” - Susan Ramos

Sun King Brewery Electric Reindeer

Now in its second year, the Winterlights festival, held on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, has quickly become a popular Christmastime destination. This year, Indianapolis-based Sun King Brewery partnered with the festival to create Electric Reindeer, a seasonal brown ale that was available exclusively to attendees. The shrink sleeve reflects the visual aesthetic of the festival, employing a contrast of neon colors on a dark background and depicting the actual light displays. The reindeer is especially impressive in the way that it appears almost illuminated. A light gradient in the background and the out-of-process red add to the dramatic impression that the sleeve makes.

“This was a new can layout for us and we loved the way that the graphics fit the can. It is a great use of the shrink sleeve product.” - Susan Ramos

Sun King Brewery Old Fashioned Extraction

The Sun King Old Fashioned Extraction label was created for Sun King's limited King's Reserve line. The customer requested the metallic element and we achieved this by simulating Pantone 7599 C (orange) and 7562 C (gold) with our silver BOPP material. The contrast between the orange and gold colors gives the label a worn, aged look that is not only visually pleasing, but also perfectly represents the barrel-aged beer inside.

“The creativity of the design showcased a great use of the digital process. The metallic print along with the perfect registration from the digital press made for a dynamic label.” - Susan Ramos

Hella Cocktail Co. Founder’s Collection Apple Blossom

Hella Cocktail Co.'s line of super premium cocktail bitters stand apart from the competition and also complement their core portfolio of craft cocktail ingredients. For the Hella Bitters Founder's Collection Apple Blossom piece, we were able to create an alluring label that has since earned placement in the nation-wide demo kit of the HP Indigo Business Development & Brand Management team. The classy overall appearance, matte finish and use of metallic detail on the buildings in the lower-right corner are the most notable points of the label.

“This was for a custom private label project. The metallic imprint combined with the matte lamination, make this product really stand out on the shelf.” - Susan Ramos

Fort Nonsense Brewing Great Falls IPA

Fort Nonsense Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Denville, NJ, offering a variety of ales and lagers. This label was created for Fort Nonsense's Great Falls IPA, a West Coast style, brewed and dry-hopped with Cascade and Amarillo hops. This is Fort Nonsense's lone canned beer; due to the complexity of many of the colors used on the label, ensuring proper press calibration to hit color targets was critical.

“The creativity of the design on the artwork was perfect for our HP Indigo presses. The label is an excellent alternative to a shrink sleeve and the colors really stand out well.” - Susan Ramos

Olive Packaging Specially Selected Garlic Stuffed Olives

The label employs 4-color process plus two spot colors (Pantone 258 C and Pantone Black 6 C), as well as two UV varnishes: matte textured UV scuff-resistant and a gloss UV. The P5 press enabled us to achieve these textures, which can present a challenge when being printed flexographically.

"Our ability to print two different varnishes enabled us to print this label, which conforms to the brand standards that Olive Packaging requires for their nationally-known grocery customer." - Mark Dally