How to Use Nostalgia in Your Label Design

Old Fashioned Extraction from Sun King Brewery and Founder’s Collection Apple Blossom from Hella Cocktail Co.

From television series like GLOW, Stranger Things and the reboot of Twin Peaks to the the “throwback” versions of Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper to the ‘80s and ‘90s dance parties that are popping up in cities across the country, the nostalgia marketing industry has seen a lot of success in the past few years.

Nostalgia can be used as a temporary change or promotional motif to suggest a special edition/limited product or i can utilize colors, fonts, and styles of the past to create a unique label for an entire product line. Companies that are interested in a retro-themed product line or just want to shake things up temporarily with a bit of nostalgia-driven marketing should remember—it all starts with the label.

How Does Nostalgia Marketing Work?

The businesses who see the greatest success with nostalgia marketing are those that successfully capture the essence of the past with an eye toward the future. It’s essential for marketers to find a good balance between pulling at heartstrings and maintaining a campaign that sells. Some parts of the past are better left in the past, so it’s vital for any brand hoping to capitalize on nostalgia marketing to do so tastefully.

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Best Practices for Nostalgia Marketing

  • Know your audience. Marketers that attempt to make nostalgic emotional content aimed at tugging at their audience’s heartstrings should know their audience. Nostalgia is very different for a Gen-Xer than it is for a baby boomer, and older millennials will likely have very different ideas of what makes good nostalgic content.

  • Plan ahead. The past cannot be successfully romanticized through marketing without a plan for the future. Some of the most successful nostalgic content in recent years only succeeded because it resonates with progress toward the future.

  • Leave room for growth. Brand identity should be the cornerstone of every marketing campaign, and nostalgia marketing doesn’t require an entire overhaul of a brand image. Ideally, nostalgia marketing or a nostalgic redesign of a logo or website should be a temporary change, and brand message and tone can be maintain while still capturing a nostalgic flair with just a few subtle tweaks to the content structure.

Custom Labels for Nostalgia Marketing

Interested in launching a limited-time product promotion with a nostalgic theme?

Century Label has helped many clients develop unique, functional, and sustainable product packaging with nostalgic themes. A retro marketing campaign could generate renewed interest in your products or cultivate stronger bonds with your customer base.

The Century Label team will work with you every step of the process to ensure your nostalgia marketing campaign stays on-message with your brand values and hits the right notes with your audience, so contact us today for more information.