Bringing Packaging to Life with AR

In today’s fast-paced world of rapidly-changing technology, it is more important than ever before to have the proper tools in place to take your packaging to the next level. Traditional label designs and printing processes are continually evolving by implementing cutting-edge digital technology in order to keep up with the instant gratification now desired by consumers. Because of this, it is crucial to incorporate these new and innovative ways for your target audience to connect with your brand.

One of the most popular ways of accomplishing this is augmented reality (AR), a method in which interactive content is used to tell your story, bringing your traditional pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves or flexible packaging designs to life. Seeing is believing!

How does AR work, exactly? Glad you asked: here, we will take you through a step-by-step overview of the process to see exactly how this new and trending technology in the printing and packaging industry can work to your advantage today. Additionally, check out the video below for more information on the subject. Don’t miss out—the future is now!

Step 1: User downloads appropriate AR app

By including an icon and text on the artwork of your label that instructs your customer to download a free AR app, they are able to quickly and easily gain access to the tool they need to experience the curated content that awaits them. Incorporating these small and unobtrusive elements into your design will show the customer that there is more to the packaging than meets the eye and gives them the guidance necessary to get started with their phone or tablet.

Step 2: Discovery of interactive content

When your customer first scans the label artwork with their device, they are able to instantly see the interactive elements that you have hidden in your otherwise-conventional packaging. The content can range anywhere from an embedded product or company overview video to buttons and links taking them to your website or ecommerce page. The ability for people to directly interact with your brand on the store shelf—or after they have purchased your product—is something that is unique to AR.

Step 3: Engagement with your story

The ability for a prospective customer to engage with your product before it even leaves the store is a silent salesman like no other. From the moment the consumer’s phone scans the artwork, they are immediately engaged and fully focused on the story you are telling them. The message of that story is crucial, because if they have not already purchased your product, there is now a higher likelihood of their doing so. If they have already purchased your product and are showing continued engagement by utilizing the AR feature of your packaging, then there is a good chance they will share their positive experience about your brand through social media or word of mouth. Free advertising at its finest!

Step 4: Relationship with your message

Always keep in mind how crowded with your competition the marketplace is. For a customer to choose a product in today’s saturated marketplace online or in-store, something needs to grab their attention. In order for them to actually relate with your message, your packaging truly needs to stand out from the crowd. After a customer has interacted with your AR content, if your messaging is effective enough, they will have a greater understanding of what your company and product are all about—and the value they offer.

Step 5: Connection with your brand

The conversion of your packaging from a standalone label to an interactive package will lead to the conversion of your customer from a simple prospect to a loyal brand follower. This can be achieved by thinking outside of the box—literally. By going above and beyond what has traditionally been an exercise in visual appeal, adding AR to your labels, shrink or flex pack breathes new life into your brand and product line. Your plain packaging levels up by staying ahead of the crowd and moving towards the future of product packaging with living labels.

Bring your packaging to life!


Century Label is ready to help you take your traditional label and implement AR into your next print project with us. Our AR services are available as an add-on feature, and we can guide you on the best way to incorporate this technology into your existing artwork.

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