What Are Hyper-Customized Printed Labels?

Stand Out with Hyper-Customized
Printed Labels

What are Hyper-Customized Printed Labels?

Century Label has offered high-quality customized label printing since 1980. Our process allows businesses to order custom-made, top-notch labels for their products. We consistently win design awards for our labels, year after year. One of our top services is hyper-customized printed labels, where we design 100 percent unique labels for short-run prints.

What is Hyper-Customization?

Hyper-customization means our process creates labels that aren’t just unique—they’re truly one of a kind. Every hyper-customized printed label goes through only one short- to medium-term print run, and is designed specifically to be a unique creation that is never repeated.

The Hyper-Customization Process

For our hyper-customized label designs, we use HP Mosaic to generate customizable artwork. This is the best tool in the trade for generating automatic art with customizable data. We begin each label with a single vector file, which we produce and customize to your product’s specifications. Automated generation allows our hyper-customized labels to be an explosion of eye-pleasing color and complex patterns. Contrary to the name, automated generation is not the computer doing the job for us; we curate each generation to make absolutely certain the design suits your print run, and every label is different—just one factor that makes hyper-customization so popular.

Once generated, a vector is transformed into a variety of fractal imagery or interesting design patterns. This system provides flexibility of design in a way other customization methods lack. It’s also why every run is so distinct, as generation only produces one of each image.

The results of this process are full-color labels with endless variation. Each hyper-customized label is a one-print run with no repeats, meaning every single product has a single unique label, and not even the same item will have two of a kind. These unique runs are perfect for small, simple products that need a standout label with eye-popping colors and patterns.

HP SmartStream Mosaic

HP’s Mosaic software is an art generation tool used by graphic designers and custom printers to simplify the process of creating pattern art. The software is an easy-to-use solution that can smoothly integrate with other design essentials. Mosaic generates patterns using full color and is based off of a set of generation rules that were curated to create only the best patterned images. When an image is created, we can manipulate text and data to enter your product information or even add other images.

The automated designs serve as only the base for our labels. Once an image is created, we can curate the remaining information into a unique design that truly highlights what makes your product special. 

Available Options

We offer hyper-customization for a variety of labels. Not only is this available for traditional, simple labels, but we also provide the option for customization on most digitally printed products. We can hyper-customize shrink sleeves, pressure-sensitive labels, and several other items.

Beyond the different types of labels, we also offer variable data labels. For situations in which you need to change elements (such as product names, numbers, or even barcodes), our process will automatically create the next consecutive item without error—providing full flexibility in our printing that saves the hassle of generating a new label. 

We can do this because of the power of digital printing. When we send items for runs, we do not need to change the entire process; instead, we can alter small pieces to create unique, fully customized labels at a much lower cost.

Hyper-customization is an excellent design option for low-cost, unique labeling and packaging that packs a punch, without taking away from your product and design needs. 

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