The Future of AR in Packaging

Augmented reality (AR) is still a young technology. AR mixes the real with technical enhancements that will transform package design by giving consumers additional multimedia information at the touch of a button, or the read of a QR code. 

Augmented reality already plays an important role in brand experiences and dictates how consumers interact with the products they use every day. As AR continues to gain popularity, we will see how it will take packaging to the next level and change the way that consumers make choices.


The Potential of AR

Today’s digital marketers spend more money on advertising than ever before. Shoppers crave interactive relationships with brands that allow them to do more than just consume goods, but experience them. Leveraging the power of smartphones and other mobile devices, marketing departments are starting to realize the power these devices can have in creating immersive experiences for users.

Augmented reality has particular untapped potential in the packaging industry, as brands can use it to improve the knowledge and loyalty of their product, stand out from the crowd, and entice new consumers. With little more than a QR code, brands can begin to enjoy the benefits of AR for themselves.

Benefits of Incorporating AR in Packaging

Brands can enjoy several distinct advantages of leveraging augmented reality in their packaging:

  • Create a virtual element to add to your label, connecting users to more useful information. With AR, brands are no longer limited by the space on the label. Businesses can use AR to provide trivia, nutrition information, recipes, and more.

  • Create brand loyalty. By presenting information in an engaging manner, marketers can create memorable experiences that make people more enthusiastic about the product and more likely to purchase it again.

How the Industry Can Keep Up

Packagers and businesses face an important challenge as we move deeper into the digital revolution. First, they must ensure that their products succeed and overcome the risks that would be associated with rebranding or repackaging. 

The future of brand and product marketing will be immersive, interactive, and personalized.

At the same time, incorporating AR/VR into labelling will be worth the investment, especially when considering that the mobile devices of the future will come with built-in AR/VR technology. With this barrier to access a moot point, most consumers of the near future will be ready to absorb augmented reality content. Packagers should be ready with dynamic advertising solution options for companies.

By incorporating AR elements into packaging, businesses can successfully create useful content for consumers that inspires brand loyalty and attracts consumers to their products. With early adoption of AR packaging, businesses can gain a competitive edge in the digital marketing environment. Packagers will be ready to meet this demand with options to suit company demand.

Bring Your Packaging to Life!

Century Label is ready to help you take your traditional label and implement AR into your next print project with us. Our AR services are available as an add-on feature, and we can guide you on the best way to incorporate this technology into your existing artwork.

Don’t get left behind! Request a quote today to take your printed labels into the digital realm and bring your packaging to life by making augmented reality a reality.