Century Label to Sponsor Sun King Brewing's CANvitational

Century Label produced the label for The Eighteenth Sun, the CANvitational-exclusive brew from Sun King and 18th Street Brewery.

Long considered a method of packaging for inferior beers, the practice of canning beer has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. Sun King Brewing would like more people to be aware of why that is.

Century Label is a proud sponsor of Sun King's CANvitational, a festival that focuses on beer canning and over 65 craft breweries that have taken to the process. Now in its fourth year, the CANvitational will take place in Indianapolis on Saturday, September 10th.  

"We all really truly believe that the can is the best vessel to put craft beer in" says Clay Robinson, Co-Founder of Sun King.

The advantages of canning are becoming more widely apparent. The portability of cans (many outdoor facilities do not allow glass containers), the sustainability of aluminum as compared to glass, and the can's resistance to the two factors that can imperil the quality of beer—UV light and oxygen—are all contributing factors.

In the past, Sun King has partnered with Century Label to create several shrink sleeve labels for Sun King's beers. Two of those beers include Tip Off Ale—which was featured at all Indiana Pacers home games throughout the 2015-16 season—and The Eighteenth Sun, an imperial wheat IPA brewed in conjunction with 18th Street Brewing in celebration of this year's CANvitational.

Interested in attending the CANvitational? Click here for tickets to the event.