How to Make Sure Your CBD and Hemp Product Labels Are Compliant


The newest version of the farm bill, which was signed into law in December 2018, has legalized industrial hemp and hemp related products by removing them from the Controlled Substances Act. As a result, more hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) products have hit the shelves than ever before, even in some states where they were previously considered illegal.

Even so, there are some restrictions on these products enacted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Learn more about potential labeling restrictions and make sure your products comply with these restrictions.

FDA Labeling Restrictions

Even though the latest farm bill has lifted this heavy restriction, the FDA’s specific restrictions regarding the labeling of hemp and CBD products are still largely unknown, and there will likely not be a resolution anytime soon. Due to this ambiguity, several companies involved in the creation and distribution of these products will likely play it safe and adhere to the FDA’s labeling requirements on dietary supplements.

Contents of a Compliant Label

A dietary supplement label that is compliant with FDA regulations generally contains the following components, which must abide by their appropriate format:

  • An identity statement that simply indicates what the product is (such as “dietary supplement” or “botanical supplement”)

  • An accurate statement about the net quantity—usually in weight, measure or a numerical count

  • A list of the ingredients in the product, starting with the ingredient with the largest weight value

  • The name and business location of the product’s manufacturer or distributor

  • The nutritional information and details of the product presented in the standard format known as “Nutrition Facts” and “Supplement Facts”

Most importantly, CBD and hemp companies must never claim that their product provides health benefits or cures to prominent medical conditions. The FDA will consider products that make these claims as drugs for human use, and they will go through the formal drug approval process.

How to Create Compliant Labeling

To stay compliant with the FDA, consider these elements when designing the labels of your hemp or CBD product:

  • Ingredient Levels. The consumers will seek out CBD and other related ingredients to treat numerous conditions. Inform them of the accurate levels of CBD and other ingredients the product has so they can make informed decisions.

  • Serving Size. Let the consumers know about the recommended amount of the product for use. This demonstrates transparency and ensures customer safety.

  • Producer Name and Brand. Establish trust with the customer and promote your brand by providing information about your company.

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