How to Promote Your Cannabis-Infused Craft Beer Brand


As more and more states legalize marijuana, interest in hybrid products has exploded, fueling a significant jump in the number of cannabis-infused treats on the market today. Perhaps none of them, however, capture the youthful, laid-back vibe of cannabis itself like cannabis-infused craft beers. Companies in states where marijuana is legal have jumped at the opportunity to market an alcohol-free, cannabis-infused beer that produces the relaxation consumers of both beer and cannabis covet, without the potential for a hangover.

If you’ve created your own cannabis/beer infusion, you’ve created a unique product at the beginning of a trend. Your packaging should reflect this, while making you stand out from the others. To create the youthful, fun vibe you need, consider elements from both the craft beer and cannabis industries:

The Leaf – Consider the Standby

When most of us consider the image marijuana had years ago, nothing stands out more than the traditional green marijuana leaf. Numerous cannabis companies still use the five-pointed leaf in various styles from campy to classy. While it’s come a long way from its original place on blacklight-activated posters in college dorm rooms, you can continue the hip trend marijuana edibles have been following and use a sleek, modernized version. Or, consider hearkening back to the funky, psychedelic origins many of us are familiar with. 

Crisp White Cans

A current trend in craft beer is the all-white can with minimalistic branding and product information. Across a few different brands, the primary designator of the type of beer included in the can is a lone block of color that makes up the actual logo itself. Of course, green is the traditional color used in cannabis marketing, and a stark white can with green branding sends the “fresh” and “cannabis” messaging effectively. 

Natural Could Be Best

Natural has always been a staple of the cannabis branding community, and cannabis-infused beer is no different. In fact, primary consumers of both products tend to enjoy the outdoors. Consider a full-scale printed photo of a natural feature, the use of earth tones, and natural elements in your packaging.

Stand Out From the Sleek

A major trend in cannabis packaging right now is aimed at garnering the attention of those wishing to incorporate marijuana into the upscale luxury lifestyle they’re already living, resulting in stark, sleek packaging that almost hides the nature of the product. Using a more youthful, colorful packaging scheme can help you stand out from other cannabis products and capture your ideal audience. 

Your product is unique, and getting it to stand out among other beer and cannabis brands alike could require the use of packaging ideas from both industries. Consider where your product will be displayed and craft a packaging scheme that will draw attention your way. 

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