How to Use Your Label to Tell a Story


Every company has a story to tell, and that includes your own. While you may not have realized it yet, storytelling is a tremendously powerful marketing tool when leveraged correctly. If you’re investing in high-quality labels and packaging for your products, why not incorporate your own story into your label design and try to connect with your customers on a deeper level?

People love stories, and human beings are the only creatures capable of learning from the experiences of others through retellings of those experiences and applying those lessons to their own lives. When you connect with a customer through a story, you resonate with them on a personal level, leaving a stronger impression than basic marketing and a snazzy logo can ever achieve.

Are Words Necessary?

Humans are visual creatures, and you can convey so much with the right imagery and colors without saying a single world. Of course, the labels for your products may need to include information required by law, depending on the types of products you sell, but that doesn’t mean the story you tell with your label must include words, too. Bold use of color, stellar photography, and countless other possibilities can convey your story without saying a word.

Leverage the Power of Technology

A simple yet effective addition to any label to help tell your story is a QR code. Virtually everyone has a smartphone today, and QR reader apps are easily accessible. The customer scans the QR code, and it takes them to a specifically designed experience that tells your story in a meaningful, memorable way.

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Experiment with Unique Labeling Techniques

You have many more options than just standard matte finish or glossy labels. Embossing, foiling, and other forms of texturing create interest in your labels and provide customers with something unique and enjoyable. This also helps convey your company’s story. Do you want to make your products feel more unique, vintage, or handcrafted? Textured labels or other modern labeling techniques can help you achieve these results.

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Find the Right Professional Labeling Partner

Telling a story requires a great deal of thought and planning, but you also need a professional label printing partner to help you achieve your goals. Find a labeling partner that understands what you are trying to achieve when it comes to storytelling through your labeling. The partner’s design team should be able to collaborate with your own design and marketing teams to help you devise new product labels that convey the story you want to tell your customers.

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Century Label has almost 40 years of experience printing custom labels and packaging for a wide variety of consumer products. We understand that successful modern marketing requires making a memorable impression on your customers, and the right label can make a tremendous difference.

If you want to tell a story with your new product labels, contact Century Label today to learn more about our modern labeling technology and innovative printing processes.