Pressure Sensitive Labels, Shrink Sleeves and Flexible Packaging: What’s the Difference?

At Century Label, we feature three main labeling and packing products that provide efficient, individualized solutions for specific client requests. Each of these options is ideal for different products and distinct goals. Learn more about the features and benefits of our three core products: pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Our award-winning pressure sensitive labels feature full color capabilities and premium quality, perfect for helping a brand to stand out on the shelf. These labels are appropriate for a number of products, but ideal for bottles, jars and other containers where the brand must be the center of attention. Pressure sensitive labels are printed using two different methods:

  • Digital Labels: Digitally printed labels are perfect for shorter printing runs, as it allows for less expensive and faster printing, as well as easier customization. These labels feature 1,200 DPI resolution and allow for a variety of colors by using up to six inks. Great for photo images.

  • HD Flexo Labels: Ideal for longer printing runs, the HD Flexo printing process allows for a more detailed, high resolution of 4,000 DPI with greater clarity and richer color. This process can also incorporate cold foil metallic imprints.

Shrink Sleeves

Available in digital or HD Flexo printing, shrink sleeve film adjusts tightly to the container once it is exposed to heat. These labels provide a 360-degree display of the chosen artwork, and with the eight-color digital process, the brand dominates the container in space, color and vibrancy. The properties of shrink sleeve film also allow multiple products to be packaged together, as well as create a perforated tamper-evident measure to protect consumers from tainted products. The perforations make it easy to remove the label and recycle the container.

Shrink sleeves are commonly used to label and cover energy drinks, beauty products, certain medicinal items and anything using plastic bottle containers. Additionally, 3D proofing the labels before they are printed offers an added layer of accuracy.

Flexible Packaging

Digital flexible packaging pouches and bags are ideal for any short and medium printing runs, and is best suited for product that must be quickly and easily accessible. By using digital printing and streamlined manufacturing, flexible packaging reduces printing and set-up time, making it the most time- and cost-efficient packaging solution in the industry. Flexible packaging is used in multiple industries, such as beverage, nutraceutical, natural or organic products and pet food.

 It also enjoys other benefits associated with Century Label products, such as:

  • High definition printing quality

  • Easily customizable for greater marketing

  • Greater sustainability compared to other packaging options

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