Market with Custom Specialty Beverage Labels

One of the most effective ways to improve the brand recognition of a specialty beverage is by designing a unique, custom label. The industry of specialty beverages is notorious in its use of attractive, attention-grabbing labels to improve visibility among consumers. Whether we’re talking about marketing craft beers, wines or spirits, the following tips will help create a specialty beverage label that boosts the branding and marketing of the beverage itself.

Century produced shrink bands and pressure sensitive labels for Hella’s Founders Collection.

Choose a Theme

Specialty beverages generally use captivating labels to stand out among other products and garner the attention from potential consumers. This can make creating a unique brand and label challenging.

The best strategy is not to worry about what others are doing and craft a personlized theme for the brand and product. Then, use the right colors, images, and materials to create that specific theme. For example, Hella Cocktail Co. uses a minimalistic set of hat and glasses, as well as old-time lettering to evoke a unique, vintage feeling that stands out to the customer.

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Tell a Story

While using creative imagery, lettering and themes to make a label stand out is important, it’s not enough. Engage the customer directly by providing information about the product. This information can highlight the unique varietals that the beverage offers. Alternatively, share the origin story of the brewery or the specific product. Consider the target audience and determine what kind of information they would appreciate.

Go the Extra Mile

When selling specialty beverages online and shipping them directly to the customer, make sure to use custom labeling to make the experience a unique one. A unique or specialized label targeted to the consumer will show special attention to detail and consideration that will make your business stand out from others. Add labeling to the package itself to boost brand recognition and impress the customer from the moment he or she receives the beverage.

Consider Quality

The design and information included on specialty drink labels is crucial in attracting consumers, but also consider the quality of the labels—use labels that are resistant to a multitude of conditions and environments. Also, they need to provide color and design options that accommodate your label ideas, as well as be ready on time and at a reasonable cost. Century Label can provide all of these features.

The sky’s the limit in choosing to market specialty drinks. Search for labels that fit a specific graphic designs, but also are affordable, made from reliable materials and available in a timely manner.

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