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Top 5 Trends in Specialty Food Labeling


Specialty food labeling is a shifting, growing and evolving field that changes frequently—as does its appeal to the target consumer audience. In order to stand out and guarantee successful specialty food labeling and marketing, you brand owners must be aware of the latest trends in specialty food and incorporate them into the product labeling.

While the taste of the food is vital, presentation comes in a close second. If something isn't visually appealing or, worse, looks unappetizing, the road to the success will be unnecessarily challenging. This begins with labels, and here are some of the latest trends in specialty food labeling that can help set an item apart from the crowd.

1. Using Custom Lettering

While stock fonts are available to use on labels, brand owners will get more mileage out of creating something that is uniquely theirs. Custom lettering helps companies create memorable brands.

As a specialty food company, the type of lettering that is chosen will depend on the product and its target audience. Designers can create lettering that has certain imperfections, which gives it a non-digital appearance and separates it from the pack.

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2. Evoking an Authentic, Nostalgic Feeling

What's old has become cool again. Retro and vintage images, colors and fonts have made a comeback over the past several years, and this extends to specialty food labeling.

Even the younger generation seems to derive a sense of ease and comfort through vintage designs. For those who aren't history buffs, some of these designs evoke an urge to explore the past.

3. More Truthful Ingredient Descriptions

No consumer has ever relished being lied to, but today's buyers are particularly sensitive when it comes to truth in advertising and labeling. In short, being more straightforward about a product's ingredients and its origins is going to help sales.

This can be accomplished through marketing campaigns, but it also extends to labeling. A growing trend is to use more "plain English" on food labels and to give buyers the information they want, particularly when consumers expect certain benefits from a product.

4. Feature Vibrant and Bright Colors

Anyone involved in marketing knows that colors can evoke strong emotions and influence consumer buying choices. Because of this, it makes sense to use them wisely in product labels.

Designers have begun to experiment more with using bold colors in product labels, and it is producing positive results. Brand owners with new specialty food products or those who are redesigning labels should consider adding some bold colors.

5. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever, and most give props to companies that take these factors into consideration with their packaging.

Packages and labels that “go green” have the opportunity to not only help save the planet but also appeal to a larger segment of the market. Eco-friendly choices are now a win-win for specialty food companies.

Consumers encounter hundreds of labels each day and make quick decisions about what they're going to purchase. While a product's ingredients are essential, so too is the way that it is presented, as well as the company's branding.

Ultimately, long-term success could depend on the design and make-up of packaging and food labels.

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What Custom Labels Say About Your Specialty Food


Specialty food is an expansive market offering unique and high-end food items made in small batches. These items generally contain higher quality ingredients and often have limited availability. Those that are venturing into the business of making or distributing specialty foods need a custom specialty food label. This niche is all about quality, value and exclusivity—and nothing sends the message quite like a beautiful custom label.

Conquer Branding

Custom labels give brand owners the chance to make their product one of a kind. They showcase the brand’s voice, tone and aesthetic in a way that sets the product apart from the other items on the shelf. Custom labels can help maintain a consistent brand image across channels by using the same color scheme as, for example, the product website, logo or artwork.

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Establish High Product Value

Custom labeling is the perfect match for specialty food marketing. Custom labels ooze quality and class, giving products a high-value appearance. Since customers spend more on specialty foods than they would on their standard counterparts, they expect a top-quality experience with gorgeous custom labels.

Get Attention from the Right Customers

Product labels can appeal to a specific demographic. Keeping the label’s design minimalist, for instance, can appeal to a millennial audience. Designing custom labels to match a target audience can help boost lead engagement and, of course, the bottom line. Products can speak to the exact audience the brand owner is targeting.

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Cultivate Brand Loyalty

Allowing customers to see into a brand is a great way to promote company loyalty. Custom labeling shows off brand personality, which leads to the customer feeling closer to the brand and becoming more willing to stay loyal. They will be able to recognize food products and differentiate them from others easily. Humanizing a specialty food company with custom labels can keep shoppers coming back for more.

Beat the Competition

Custom labels and shrink sleeves will give brands a unique flair and make them easy to distinguish from everything else on a shelf. The label evokes unique feelings in customers that differentiate products from the competition. Designing bright, creative and eye-catching custom labels is the best way to overshadow competition and move to the top of a niche.

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